this is made from brightly colored mason jar screw top lids.. i think you could even make it from cardboard strips covered in washi tape

Make a Halloween frame with washi tape!


I got my little spiral notebook for 99 cents from the drugstore and with a simple roll of washi tape, I made it my own. This is so easy and quick, you should try it.


Would you like the Aztec vibe? or…


…the classic chevron? Just line up your washi tape accordingly.



DIY Washi Tape House from Poppinette. This is such an easy and cute DIY for a kid’s room. A Personal Experience Tip: Try a small piece of tape in an inconspiculous place to make sure it doesn’t rip off your paint.

Washi tape wall art - made from an initial!

Decorate your rainbow loom with washi tape!

Use washi tape to help you get organized!

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